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The Dashboard is the main screen you see when you log in to Simply Remind Me.

The top part of the dashboard features 3 static "widgets".

The bottom part of the dashboard shows your upcoming reminders in your queue.


The below 3 static widgets are provided to all users.

The time is now

This widget shows what Simply Remind Me believes is the current, local time in your timezone. To ensure you receive your reminders on time, this time should be correct.

If this time is incorrect, please click the Change timezone link in the widget and adjust your timezone accordingly.

Next upcoming event

This widget shows the next upcoming event in your calendar and the date it is due.

The widget includes a link to go directly to the event’s page and a link to create a new event.

Reminder credit balance

This widget shows the number of remaining credits you have available to send text message reminders and phone call reminders.

The widget includes a link to buy more credits and to configure your alert settings when your credit balance is low.

Your reminder queue

The bottom part of the dashboard shows a section called “Your reminder queue.”

This shows the reminders that are queued to send to you next. If an event has multiple reminders, you will see each individual reminder in this section.

Each reminder shows you the following details:

  • Event - the event the reminder is for
  • Destination - the email address or phone number the reminder will be sent to
  • Date & time - the date and time the reminder will be sent
  • Status - an icon showing the status of the reminder (will typically be “queued”.)