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About the Strong Password Generator tool

Cyber-criminals are becoming more sophisticated every day. The proven way to thwart them is by using strong, secure passwords that are unique for each website.

But how do you ensure you always use a unique password when you've already used your date-of-birth, maiden name, place of birth and your dog's favourite snack?

Easy! Use this strong password generator in conjunction with a password manager such as Dashlane - the security-first password manager.

Use Cases

Use the Strong Password Generator tool on Solid Tools for Developers to:

  • Generate strong passwords to use for anything from system or database administrator accounts to general uses, such as online banking or e-mail logins.


Select how many passwords you would like to generate and the number of characters in each password.

Choose whether to include upper-case characters, lower-case characters, numeric digits and/or symbols.

It is strongly recommended to use symbols and at least one other group, or all 3 other groups if you do not want to include symbols.


The generated password(s) matching the rules you selected will be displayed. Simply copy and paste the password into your application or website.

If the password shown is unsuitable, feel free to hit the "Generate" button to get another one.